Because words are inadequate

17 Dec

Baby, is it cold outside or what! And I think I’m in one of those writing phases of my worship time. So here I am, listening to my own cheesy music, and hugging a malleable pillow that can be pummelled into whatever I want it to be… and writing. These are what I think I will call fluffy times! These times, I can’t seem to find the words when I speak. I just want to be quiet and rest on my Dad’s shoulder. I want to think but it’s too much effort to talk. Somehow though, I can write.

80% live below the poverty line in India. That’s what the World Bank says. The government in India think it’s nearer 25% though…

31 million kids are out of school in Sub-Sahara. That’s what the UN decided this September. That’s half the kids out of school anywhere in the world this Christmas.

Today one qualified teacher made the night-life in a certain city his deciding factor for a job – it was a developing nation.

In a school I know of, one teacher was told last year that her daughter could not come to the crèche in school. But another teacher (who is lovely and probably has no idea) brings hers everyday. The administration has different policies for different nationalities and ethnicities.

My favourite in one school asked me which exciting destinations I had chosen for winter break. My favourite in another wanted to know if people had homes outside his country and how they looked.

In one of the schools I work in, they said no ‘Christmas’ because it has Christ in it. That didn’t happen anyway in the classes I went to. Parents told the old story in read-alouds and Charlie Brown told it in his own inimitable way. He did get some help from here. And the kids told it too – you couldn’t stop them.

And maybe that’s why I cannot write. Because in all our brokenness, God is so beautiful you cannot stop him. Immeasurable, immortal, invisible God, yet so visible in our weakness, he makes my insides melt when he chooses to reveal himself :). I think we all die a little every time we come into the mind-blowing presence of God. It’s probably why those old sacrifices were made – the world must die in the fire before the Father will truly take His place. And so, I am just a little bit bereft of speech, a little less in possession of my faculties before the beauty of this God. He is beautiful and I am overwhelmed by awe. He heard the kids that I heard today. Maybe he smiled some at those UN summits and maybe he wept some. And he allows us to touch him in the beauty and the pain. So yes – I am in awe. And grateful that I am left to write.

To say that this God is my God.


One Response to “Because words are inadequate”

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