From the recess frontlines

14 Feb

Student A: Ms Writerooooooooo, why didn’t you come yesterday?

Writeroo: Erm, I was… (*thinks and rapidly does a back-flip from mere illness*) I turned into an ogre for one day… Y’know? So I had to stay home.

Student A: Oh. *thinks* Okay.

Student B: Why didn’t you come? Where were you?

Writeroo: I erm turned into an ogre yesterday (*by now is quite shameful of the deception of unsuspecting children but is again sure she will not be taken seriously*)

Student B: Oh *walks away*

Student B: *returns* What’s an ogre?

Writeroo’s friend: Seen Shrek?

Student B: Uh, huh – yeah.

Writeroo’s friend: Like Shrek and Fiona – ogre. She became an ogre yesterday.

Student B: Ooooh, cool! *walks away*


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