An honest letter…

12 Mar
Haha, today I have a treat for you πŸ™‚ This is so cute, it needs not much explanation besides! This is a letter in our First Grade Writing Workshop, when we were writing to an audience… from a 6-year-old girl to a 6-year-old-boy. But doesn’t it shock you just a little?!?!1st grade, relationships, relationship, ESL, postbox, boy girl, girl boy, writing, workshop, letter, love letter, writing workshop, grade 1, honesty, culture, parenthood, too young, Korean restaurant, relationship, relationships, i like you, love,

Early Start!

Justin was grossed out, needless to say, as boys generally are. Doofuses πŸ˜‰ Next week, she told him she loved him. He was her valentine. (Laughing yet?)

Cue everyone: Aaaaawww

A couple of weeks later Yeobin kissed another boy’s hand, although she still likes Justin… I assume because of all those bright smiles (!)…

Now – shocked much?!?!



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