Joy Comes

30 Mar

I nearly finished a poem today about the things we lose and hold on to, the pictures on our wall… How memory loves pain and we question ‘why, me?’ all the time… But even though I wanted to write that to comfort and to say that God gently holds all your pieces together, holds you until you are whole in His arms, I couldn’t write it today somehow. I will write this instead:

When I think of all the wondrous things He has done, the ways in which He has held me from falling apart… When I consider His faithfulness when we are faithless, even when I doubt relentlessly, hurtfully, like a millstone on a thread… my eyes well up, and spill over. And I want to shout and dance, but as I move to do so, I break down in tears on my knees once again. I am humbled by the extravagance of grace.

Before you ask – no, nothing has happened today except His extraordinary, everyday love.

I pray that that amazing love washes over you. Wave after wave of it, until you cannot feel the salt on your cheeks any more.


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