Remember Falling in Love?

10 Apr

It’s exciting to fall in love. You are keenly in tune with all those signals, always listening, always watching, always waiting…

I know this because of You!

I just want to delight in you, slowly take my measure of your beautiful face, to sit before you, lean on you, see the light in your eyes and see things with your colours, your rhythm, your words… Thank you for writing them down for me.

To let myself be held.

And that, I think, is the essence of what I want to say to God tonight. Only in Him is the perfect security of unconditional love, agape, when you lose your loveliness, when the ugly chinks in your armour show their flaking paint… Remember how it was when you first met Christ?

I do. And the tears are ready, because I fell hard and I won’t ever recover 😉 Today, I am remembering because it is good to make altars.


One Response to “Remember Falling in Love?”


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