Hands hold words

1 Jun

This is where hope is hard. And this is where you keep your promise to hold faith.

Do you understand what that means?

Hold faith – as preciously as if you were cupping a new-born baby’s head. Hold it with your heart.

Hold on to the words that God’s given you, until they become… not a second nature, but a first, as it were. Until they are as constant and as present as the buzz of the soft machinery everywhere you work, and no less negligible.


My own words – the words God has given me – have begun to tread a very beautiful wheel in my mind. I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper. Don’t be afraid of that word. It’s only a whisper of a touch this time, as he reminds me, and puts his fingers on my mouth to seal it with His words. Words of love, joy, peace, patience, righteousness and healing. I have called you from before the foundation of the world for a specific purpose – don’t ever forget it. It’s you I need. Specially, uniquely you. Before you were born, before you were made – I knew who you were. I knew you, I knew the light in your eyes before you opened them.

Come. It is I. Walk with Me.

And as I look down, I realise there is no one else whose hand I’d rather be holding.


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