History of a friendship

2 Jul

In the past couple of months, Facebook – that veritable source of all things socially interactive – did a cool new thing with their message threads. They put all the messages between you and another person (or other persons) in one long thread. Subjects and dates included. In a few weeks, they rolled out an addition to this idea of theirs and started adding the chats between you and them to that thread too.

Kinda like the history of a friendship… no?

I don’t know about you, but I love re-reading old notes. I like old letters, I love old cards, I enjoy slam books (that’s what we called them in the 90’s in India) from high school, I revel in diaries and old essays of mine… I am a hoarder, I suppose. Well, just a bit. I am, in fact, a total hoarder of memories. Sometimes they are good memories, and sometimes painful. But it is because it opens such a window into who a person is and who they’ve become.

And because altars are good. And it’s what the Israelites of old did every time they had a God-breakthrough…

And I thought to myself: What if I had an email or a note for every time God and I talked? 

I mean – can you imagine?!?!?! Wouldn’t that be pretty crazy-awesome?

Granted it would fill volumes. I mean, just when he says one word… I have emotions roiling in the tons inside of me. When he simply calls my name, my heart does that little skippy thing. But then he actually speaks and – boy…

I know that I have His Word – that heaven and earth would pass away before that does. But what about the little personalised Writeroo-fear-nots, and the Writeroo-beholds?

What if I had a Facebook message for all the things God ever said to me? Prayer journals sometimes take too long for that moment in time.

But what if I had a record of all the things he said he’d do? And did.

What if I knew every time he gently corrected me? And the Writeroo of today can’t even remember how it was before that time.

What if he said something I’d forgotten he ever said? Would it be the torchlight I need right now?

What if – well, what if he said something but I signed off? Would I see more proof of his never-tiring love? This God who never sleeps nor slumbers… Well, can infinity be added to?

If it can, it would be our God wouldn’t it?

And if I kept every record of every promise made and kept, of every provision that he rode the heavens to accomplish, of every whispered Yes and Amen, of every time I had no words and he touched my mouth, of all the things he told me would be and they were… If I had every word of every quiet hour (and noisy) that I spent in His presence, knowing His gaze was upon me and His ear all mine – I would still know this.

And this.

And yeah, that is crazy-awesome.


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