How long has it been?

20 Jul

This one question has been whizzing through my head every moment that I am not struggling to keep it out… And sometimes I don’t struggle – I know it is a true voice. And every time I do think of something else, instead of an affirmative sentence for an answer comes this question.

How long has it been since you prayed?

Sometimes it’s been a week, a couple weeks, two days. Of, of course, I’ve prayed. I keep chit-chatting constantly back and forth. I’ve said good morning, and goodnight. I’ve exclaimed about beauty, I’ve asked if we could please go here, do this, and what he thinks about the newest idea. But I haven’t given, or waited for him. I haven’t made the time. I haven’t made that effort to give the most important relationship in my life the respect of setting apart its usual spot on my daily schedule.

The trouble is… he’s never ever failed to do so. Not in forever. Not since I’ve known him for who he is really. Not before. He’s waiting and hurting that I won’t do that for him. Ouch.

And in the middle of this conviction, a dear friend sent me these lyrics by Sara Groves, which I’ve edited for the burden of that song to my mind:

There's always just one more thing
There's always another task
There's always I just have one more small favor to ask
And everything is urgent and everything is now
And love to me is when you put down that one more thing and say
I've got something better to do
And love to me is when you walk out on that one more thing and say
Nothing will come between me and you
Not even one more thing.

Funny thing – when I was saved, I fell head over heels and I knew I would never recover. And that day I promised to give a specific time every day – that was the crux of my relationship. It was how it grew. I saw the most amazing things, heard and felt God in the most tangible way. Like… God in-the-face kind of encounters!

Because I spent time with him. Because I love him, irrevocably, and I didn’t let myself forget it in my conscious everyday-ness. It’s hard work. But I wanted to do it.

So I challenge you in my painful but cleansing time of sifting as far as commitment goes – how long has it been since YOU prayed?
Then go a step ahead and listen. How long has it been since you listened? Waited and listened?

Because I know whom I have believed and he speaks.


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