Dinosaur love

17 Aug

Children make me laugh and cry and give me goosebumps. Maybe that’s because we don’t often see any need for defenses around them.

Then again they see things the way they are. You know? No theories. No reading into a text. Or a conversation. And they have a rarely debatable sense of fairness, if they’re not particularly emotionally challenged.

Dangerous sometimes, yes. But insightful, definitely.

So I was reading with the kids who had finished their worksheets. And we read ‘How do Dinosaurs Go to School?’ which has become a favourite of mine to read with kids in this past year that I’ve worked with them. A little girl had picked it and, when I told her excitedly that that was one of my favourites, a couple of other kids stood in line to pick it up next… Of course 😉

Soon we were a small group looking at the pictures and reading aloud (I use ‘we’ rather royally here, however, in the early first grade!). The book is a series of questions about whether Dinosaur – who is very pretty, actually – does all these awfully inappropriate things in the classroom and around school and on the school bus. The book culminates in a huge, resounding ‘NO!’ because Dinosaur is a good Dinosaur and he knows what school means.

As you do.

You don’t do all those things because you know it isn’t right. That is the point of the story.

But I was building up the emotion heavily with each question and picture of dino-disaster… Does Dinosaur yell? Does he stomp his feet? DOES he gallivant around the playground taking other childrens’ toys…? Or however it goes – that is certainly not verbatim. Sorry, Jane Yolen.

And with every question, one little student was getting more excited and earnest in his ‘NO’s… until he put out his arm and stopped me in six-year-old frustration.

Nooooo, Dinosaur doesn’t do that because he’s in love with her! He is in love with the teacher.

And there you have it. In pretty basic terms. I laughed for a whole afternoon of course about kindergarten crushes, before I got it.

If it hurts the one you love, you just don’t do it. You don’t touch that. You know? It’s about as simple a fact of life as butter and jam.

Sin hurts God. Don’t do it.

Not because of all the laws in the world, or a hope of righteousness, or even your good, solid moral principles. It doesn’t matter if you have the whole motley crew of theologians behind you, to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. You don’t need it. Righteousness doesn’t hang on your doing good. He gives it all freely. Why won’t we?

The good teacher said it. “If you appreciate me, then you must know who I am and what I want. Are you doing it?” Okay, heavily paraphrased.

Are you in love with God?


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