20 Aug

I just read that post over at (in)Courage and I have to say I am hearing so much about broken relationships too. I come from a culture where it is frowned upon, and socially unacceptable. If you too are in love with the God I love, then you know there is nothing worse than causing him hurt or not giving him all. But if you’re not or if you’re being unloving just now, social pressure can be a force to reckon with whatever you believe! It’s like an eight-wheel bus loaded with as many people as only India can load, hanging out of its windows and on its steps, bearing inexorably down on you! It’s – um, immovable.

And yet, in disregard, marriages are broken. Faithfulness is a featherweight illusion. Commitment is more than faithfulness though, and there’s even less of that going around! The times are changing, but I’m not saying that in a resigned tone and shaking my head. The unhappiness and provocations must be intense – I do not say that lightly either.

But I still want to cry. I am a product of a marriage that I saw taking a lot of work. I cannot imagine my family otherwise. Not only because I know there is love but because it would be to me a betrayal of a commitment to two people. Not one.

Because if you do love God, then socially acceptable or not, you made a commitment to Him too on the day you got married – no?

I’m not married. I have earned no right to give advice. I also come from an extremely conservative background and even more conservative shared point of view on marriage, divorce and remarriage! And I am perfectly aware of it so I wouldn’t give my advice to anyone lightly either. This is simply me sharing.

But there is this – if I close my eyes, I keep imagining immense hurt in those families and in the covenantal heart of God. Irreparable hurt.



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