28 Aug

Another new horizon. This time in a place I know…

I don’t know if I will ever get used to leaving. Genesis 12 never fails to get me. Even when I was a teenager. I remember studying the start of Abraham’s sojourn, discovering nuggets of wisdom I hadn’t heard preached or understood in my reading before…

Get out of your country. Leave your family and your father’s house, to a land I will show you.

Or a dream or a vision, instead of a literal land. Or, as in Abraham’s case, a smidgeon of a vision. Just the leaving, not the reaching – yet. But a promise as great as every dream of every generation after all together. A promise that never died, like its giver.

And God speaks. And stops. And Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him.


Tonight, I am holding on with chipping fingernails to the as much as I can of this place I call ‘home’ except I’ve also never allowed myself to call a place home for a long time since I realised, sitting in the church in Wales that became family, that home was in the centre of God’s perfect will.

I will not pretend I am not afraid. But I will not pretend I don’t know that God keeps telling me not to fear either. Now. In so many words. And in the Bible. Also, in so many words. And also I will not pretend that God has not told me over and over again that this is His perfect will. It wasn’t something I expected… but it is here. He showed me the course, the places and pointed me to this one in an amazing way. And as the admits flowed in – Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Stanford, OSU – I knew in my heart this was God. I would not boast in letting you know, but I knew what had transpired before. I knew how inadequate I felt and how the last time I felt boxed in and alone, and yet grew in God unparalleled. How the last time I walked out of an office crying on the road and one of my very best friends (I mean, that’s after God and alongside my mum!) walked me home and she cried too.

Yes, he kept me guessing, friend. But in a way that only makes me more in love with Him than ever. And even though I am inadequate and feel it, I know that in Christ I am more than a conqueror. Can you imagine that? ME? The Writeroo you know can be a very weak individual. But when she lets her identity in Christ define her, watch this space.

🙂 As I will yours, as you know His transforming power and as you rest in obedience and the knowledge that the Lord is a mighty warrior who goes out before us in battle. And then He comes home to sing over you in love.



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