A letter to God

6 Nov


I have so many names to address You by and I don’t know which ones will do for tonight. You are, simply, everything.

This is a letter I wish I could write, seal and send. Something tangible. But there is nothing more tangible than your presence and that anointing that comes.

I ask that my eyes stay fixed upon you. That everything good that you send to me will not move my gaze from the look on Your face that tells me I am beloved. That I’ll keep looking as if my eyes were stuck on Yours, so that through all of the changes, the decisions, the promises, I’ll keep holding on to the truth that holds my heart together – I live in You alone.

You birthed me, you grew me, you hold my hand and I know I won’t fall. The best place in the world is in my father’s arms. You’ve always been faithful in the way that you father me.

Father me now.


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