5 Dec

I was praying with someone recently. Yes, probably you đŸ˜‰ And I realised that sometimes I don’t know what to say.

I don’t have the words. I just want to cry and smile and hold his word close. Words might burst out of me that my spirit and his understand. But I just want to tell God how very much I love him and am in love with him. Both of those things. And how incredibly blessed his presence makes me feel. To know him, to see him and know the sound of his voice as he calls out our names – that’s the burden of my prayer. Sometimes… Sometimes I’m not even burdened about praying for his glory. It’s there. He’s got it covered. But this – that I am SO overwhelmingly thankful for this God in my life – no, this I do not say enough and never can.

And I know, I know I sound ridiculously sentimental and hard to read. But there is no eloquence left in me or breath that he doesn’t breathe.

Because I’m here on my knees and all I can see is beauty.


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