Decor dreams

6 Dec

I wrote a long list of the things I want to do ‘when I’m all grown-up’.

I can’t wait. But I also am at a point where I’m not sure how… I’m learning that trust is wonderful.

But until then, I’m going to pretend and start decorating my space 😉

With these –

on this:

Okaaaay, never mind that they are not that new nor that glossy and there are no polished wood floors or coffee tables.

Patches of that on the walls at different angles

to mount my favourite photographs on and alternating with some Christmas trim and deep red and silver paper…

Then I need to get my photo frames out for my desk, and put up my verses and posters.

Okay. Then really someone could pay me to just redecorate the floor and redo the curtains which are a random, musty green – any takers?

*Deep procrastinating sigh.*


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