Knowing and following

1 Jan

Been challenged today in church.

Knowing him. I wrote about that a few days ago. That ought to be our purpose, our aim on earth. We are – what are we? Sojourners? Travelers stopping by on a longer journey. That’s all.

And yet I forget the littleness of my other endeavors and the bigness of serving him. Yes, there are specific things he has called me to do. In specific seasons. But more importantly, I’ve forgotten to sit at his feet. I do the prep pretty well… Don’t we all? I can open my home – check. I am on top of all the preparations that have to be done, so on top of them that I sometimes forget to smile and my tongue falls characteristically between my teeth in the concentration needed for cookie dough. Another check.

But do I sit at his feet, look on his face? Am I faithful in the people he has given me at ‘home’ to love, to care for, to serve? And sometimes I have to say I forget.

More importantly, I choose – and it will probably be a repeated and deliberate choice with many setbacks – to look on his face, set apart time and hear his heart. To hear what he wants, to put him first, and to tear down my walls.


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