Transaction cost

24 Jan

Peace belongs to you. Or as my hipster-hopeful, teenage-and-just-over students would say “Peace, I own you”.

Because of this

It wasn’t merely a spoken ‘Shalom’. It was a transaction. Peace came at a painful price. It wasn’t free and it wasn’t some elusive wish that one hopes to attain with happy thoughts. The peace we have is actually a rather specific thing. He spoke those words the night before he earned that peace. It was an action, a promise for the next morning that was acted on.

The only thing I can think of is something as palpable and as simple as a father saying to his family: “I’m going away for a little while but I am leaving you with enough supplies for the week.”

I’m just a little floored by this love I’ve been shown. God gave us peace. But not in just an everyday blessing. He promised us something that he then went out and purchased. With his pain. With his dying.

He told us we’d have it. He bought it. And gave us the paperwork for security.

Peace is yours, beloved. He purchased it for you. And gave you himself in the process.


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