Better Days

27 Jan

I say this in all awareness of cliches. I am so glad that Jesus is in my life.

I’m surprised at how easy it is to hold him and know him – as a friend. An everyday friend, but quite unmatchable.

I remember being surprised the day I was saved too. It was so… easy. Suddenly God is there and there are those moments when you slowly release your breath and say “Really?

That time at the end of your day when you can sit down and look into his very loving face is like breathing after underwater swimming with currents. If you’ve tried it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re finally home in a storm.

I’ve just discovered Shane & Shane’s ‘Bad Days Better’ and today I feel just like that song. Even without having a bad day…

You just make my days, Jesus.

I sometimes – foolishly – wish I were equal in this relationship. That somehow I could bless your heart as much as you do mine. And then I realise that – quite unequally, on a ridiculously passionate plane – I do. I do bless your heart greatly. Not because of anything I do, any grand act of passion I can bring to the table. But because of your love. You love me so much that I do bring you that joy.

I’m amazed all over again as my brain slowly works these things out.

Thank you.


And in other news, I’m reading about ’emotional intensity’. It is, apparently, associated greatly with gifted children. My cousin talked about his son finding everything so intense. Everything is analyzed, everything occupies a large part of your mind; you are socially more vulnerable, even if you don’t show it always; and even often depression. I suppose, then, it depends on how you deal with those emotions.

It also struck me that our Lord must have felt his pain intensely. Wasn’t he teaching in the synagogues at twelve? 🙂 Isaiah 53 makes it logical to me that he felt more in the normal encounters of life’s difficulties than anyone else. Also, then, this is true. Oh, how he loves.


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