Mother’s Day tradition 2.0

18 Mar

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in the UK. And Happy Mother’s day to everyone in the Arab world and the commonwealth (that is not yet re-colonised by US commercialism 🙂 ) – and to everyone in the rest of the world, celebrate mothers again, why not?!

My mother managed to surprise me today. Not that I ought to have been surprised but… I thought she would give me not so impartial advice, take my side, rush to protect me.

Instead, she listened.

If you have or had a mother, someone who stayed by you – aren’t they such a good thing the Father gives us? And if you are a mother, you know what a privilege it is. Or perhaps to you, it’s not – and I wish you could just see it from my side…

And if we were at church together on Mother’s Day where I’m from, they’d give us each a flower to hand to our mothers. Or get the children to do it. So here are some for my readers…

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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