Gideon and me

27 Mar

I’ve been writing muchly about love. And relationships. Well, strike that. Relationship. Singular, with God.

But undeniable as that is, I believe you might need some relief from it 😉 And I’ve been struck by a few examples of God’s humour.

He’s a pretty funny guy. I say this with reverence. Like that time when Gideon needed to whittle down his army, because God wanted to make it pretty obvious that it was he, not the Israelites, who fought that battle. And he says to Gideon:

Yo Gideon, we’ve got the ones who are really ready to fight, but I know that they don’t need to be there. I need them somewhere else… So here’s what we’re going to do.

You take them to the water. And there’ll be some who decide to kneel and just go for the stream. And there’ll be others who’ll get messy differently and hunker down or stand up and dunk their hot hands in to drink from their hands. And that’s really all I’m going to use for a measure.

I bet Gideon was waiting for some deep theological revelation on the character of men. I’m not saying there isn’t – but I’m saying that’s not what God told Gideon. Or he might have hoped for a miracle. A cloud of glory landing on the heads of the chosen.

And I think God winked.

And then the ideas he puts into the minds of people. I mean who ever thought of doughnuts? I reckon someone almost as clumsy as I am started out to make a little dough ball and the centre fell out.

And the funny little hummingbirds – they can fly backwards. They’re the smallest species (or at least a type of them is) and so I bet they look around their shoulder (or not depending on which way they’re going) and say, Ha!

And when I ask for a bus on time and I go on and on about how I really deserve it tonight, he sometimes sends me a friend with a car instead.


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