Things I’d love to try

21 Apr

Things I’d love to try (Pinterest invite anybody? :P):

Cake decorating with the set of tubes and bags and everything. I used to have one when I was little, and I don’t know what we did with them.

Going to Africa for a little bit (SD, if you’re reading this – I mean *a month or two* ONLY at the max) or having a job that allows me to travel there. I mean ‘try’ as in not because I want to see if I’ll like it. I’ll love it and hate it, but I’ll be kinda happy having done it. It might be off my list or it might give me ideas as to what to do with all the things that are in my head concerning East Africa, and all the other things in my life that are also awesome.

Actually put together a dress. Myself. With crude, unwieldy stitches but it’ll be home-made!

Watch this space for more 🙂


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