Hurting, healing and thoughts

27 Apr

I just read this and it hit where it hurts – where it heals. Lisa Gungor shares on how we can hold on to pain with our loved ones.

I’ve been struggling with this. At what point is it wise to remember the hurt and be wary of the person who hurt you? At what point is it wise to forget entirely? It is NEVER wise to hold a grudge – but is it ever just a sensible thing to remember some things…?

It hurts to say I have sometimes actually made that decision with family. Love them but leave them… But that is not Christianity – Christianity is instead security in Christ, that the hurt that someone else gives you will never erode you or change how beautiful you are. Because you are, you know – God is not mocked. And then Christianity is to have enough knowledge of how much love is poured into you to be able to then shed that love abroad (Rom 5:5) and let everyone else in your life have it in God-measures. Not to run away from the hurt but to stay vulnerable, and at the same time keep your identity separate from the hurt.

And – wow. I fall short.

I’m sitting here crying because I give love inadequately but I have received so many times over! For one thing, I’m sitting here crying because… Well, I miss my mum. God has given me a wonderful set of parents and my mum has been an amazingly understanding, perceptive mum. I miss some of my friends. I miss some of my sisters.

And I’m sitting here crying because I have God. And in so many different ways, because of him, I have love.


I pray today that I’ll learn to give love the way I am meant to. That I will learn to be vulnerable before people ask me to, that I will learn to not fear it when someone falls short of God’s standards, but keep recognising in them another like me. That I would learn to love.


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