God likes you

22 Aug

I like simple things. Like remembering goodness.

Isn’t it wonderful how God chose the marriage metaphor to illustrate the relationship between him and us? I actually believe that that is both personal and communal. He has a relationship with his bride the church.

But he is also mine.

I live now with a husband and wife who are incredibly different from me. She is incredibly different from the kind of person I am. I enjoy her, we share a sense of humour sometimes and I have a feeling she enjoys my company. She just called after a bad day at work, to come home and have a chocolate session with me. He’s changed his plans and is going cray-fishing this afternoon.

And I think to myself that the way they relate to each other is probably very unlike the way I would relate to a husband, if that happens! And it’s pretty much the way I relate to God.

I am about as dependent as I can take ’em! I say this facetiously, because serious dependency can be a problem, and I recognise that. Don’t get your feathers all in a ruffle just yet – I’m mostly dependent on myself for most things. But I *need* relational God-time. And I always always love it when I can lean on him, and know that he *wants* my presence.

I mean, what is that?! He’s God and he wants me?

I want to talk to him in my head about little things, mention the funny things on my bike to work. Say ‘Oh, God, I’m so tired this morning – so grateful to have You!‘ I also never talk about it so much. I’ve never talked about some of my deepest, most intimate experiences with God. I initiate and then say only a little bit, as much as I can to witness, and stop.

It’s… too personal. I make it an exercise to tell, but it’s incredibly close to my heart that it’ll get up and start flopping around somewhere inside my chest and the tears pop out pronto.

I’m… emotional. So is everyone else, but they probably don’t all cry. Some people can say more than others. To some people, experiences aren’t so private that they cannot be rejoiced over together.

And isn’t it amazing that God’ll relate to all of us within the body however different we are? You can be a quiet, dry little mouse like I am. Or you can be the expressive, you-better-deal-with-this-because-you’ll-learn-to-love-it kind of conversationalist. And he still wants that you.


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