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4 Oct

In all this looking for a job business that I am doing lately…

YES! I submitted! A month and a half ago now, and the results were in last week! Woot!

But we digress, in all this looking for a job business that I am doing lately, one of the many things that have dawned on me is this: I want to be wanted…

You know? I think that’s a craving we all have – it’s perhaps part of Pascal’s God-shaped vacuum. It reminds me of Romans 8:19. We want to be wanted – by people, by a husband or wife, by family, by friends. There is joy in being missed, there is gladness in being wanted enough for people to make an effort to have you.

And recently, I’ve been lacking that feeling on a very human level in my life maybe because I’m missing family. I read this recently from Kent Hansen’s devotionals on the CS Lewis blog.

If we are seeking our life or vindication from another human being, we have lost our way.

It is God who ultimately satisfies. So if I’m poor and live in a cardboard box with no one to love me – no, I’m exaggerating – then joy does not depend on my lack of concrete wall. The thing is there are people who live in cardboard boxes or nearly and still keep the faith. I know this – I’ve looked into their eyes and talked to them.

And my craving for love, for recognition, approval, erm recruitment – these only become an emotional thing when I forget to see the face of my Father.

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