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When you don’t know how to help

16 Feb

It’s just… so hard to feel like you can’t do much. I know, I know some people might say it is only a dog. And might actually bring up the humans versus dogs argument! But I am not making a value judgement – this is a dog I love. And love kinda hurts in times like this. And anyone who doesn’t get that is probably only a dog with a bone… ūüėõ

She looks at me when I get up to leave as if to say “You’re leaving when I can’t even get up and follow you?” and I feel mean, even though that’s silly ūüėÄ But I also feel like giving her a huge, big cuddle and getting her to be her cheery self. That’s right – tonight, she’s not that cheerful, not so much.

But I we – Tassi too – have this.


This evening

16 Feb

This post was born in my head yesterday evening and it is early in my work day, so technically my title is right… ;P I think.

They arrived in the car with Tassi who seemed to have survived the day with remarkably upbeat spirits. What can I say, she’s an upbeat dog! Prince was staying over at an aunt’s on what turned out to be a very civilised social call. Prince is our other dachshund, the boy who never grew up ūüėČ

Tassi was too excited to see me to let me sit in the backseat. So I carried her off the front seat, got in, and settled her on my lap. I wish I had had my camera with me to capture the looks on the security officers’ faces, when they saw me pull a dog out of the car on the premises!! Security is very tight at our school, considering its management and community. So they check every vehicle every morning, but I don’t think they thought to check for pets ūüėČ

At the vets, it was a LONG wait. I¬†could not¬†believe the doctor would make the animals wait that long! People¬†waiting is bad enough, but¬†some of¬†those dogs in the waiting room needed a drink or a toilet break for two hours straight, I kid you not. But I do still wish I had had a camera again for the characters that were in that lounge! ūüėČ

Tassi was very scared and unhappy to be there. She kept wanting to poop, and boy, was she smelly with those raspberries! When the doctor finally arrived, they had to muzzle her because when she hates something she’s pretty vocal. Our poor baby looked at me as if she simply couldn’t understand why I was putting her on that x-ray table when she told me she didn’t want to be there. I have a video of her talking some time ago ūüėČ – haha, I’ll have to upload it some time.

Anyway, we took two x-rays and she rested her head in my palm as they stretched her out for it. And whether it was from frustration or sadness or not knowing what was happening to and around her, she cried and kept looking round the lab technicians at my face. The next x-ray, my mum went and kept her company.

She has what I thought it might be in the morning Рintervertebral disc problems. Dachshunds are prone to it. The doctor Рand he does seem to be a specialist Рsaid it even comes from climbing up long flights of stairs which the Tass does often. She also jumps on the sofa or on the dining chairs or on our laps. Amazing. And it really does just happen overnight, not incidentally caused or anything like it. Just wear and tear.

I worried that they did not put her in a crate or in plaster. She won’t keep still without. What I read up on seems to suggest it, and so did this new friend¬†when she read the last blog post. Tassi is going to try and drag herself around to bark at people passing, or say hello when someone comes in through a different gate than she can see, or at strays even as are wont to pass by in the neighbourhood. She will do it! And she will give everyone a piece of her mind, good or bad!

I did ask the doctor, but he said it wasn’t necessary. Hhhmmm.

Tassi has two vertebrae that seem lower and out of position from her spine, and the fluid has cause a swelling around it. She does still have her deep pain nerves working.

This was the decision. She is on prescription drugs for two days – which means she gets tablets rolled up in as many sweets as it takes! – and after that, we will go reconvene for ultra-sound or laser therapy.

I think her biggest desire now is to scratch!!

I said yesterday that we are trusting. We still are. And God’s awesome. Always.

This morning

15 Feb

You know the Tass by now¬†as she’s featured in this blog a couple of times.

We woke this morning to a Tassi who couldn’t walk. She is a dog who is always full of energy, has so much to say and gets pretty feisty about everything in the neighbourhood. This morning, a little after 5, I heard a hurried knocking on my door.

Something was wrong with Tassi.

I stepped out to see her sitting funnily with her hind legs floppily on one side. Eating her normal morning snack. Except, when I tried to urge her to come to me, she didn’t move. Neither did the wet nose and flustered jumping all around a Writeroo not only awake and present, but awake-so-early-yay-let’s-chat routine happen. So I took away part of the beloved snack and held it just a little further from where she was. She didn’t even rush. Then, knowing I wouldn’t give up, she just dragged her whole back on with her two front paws and reached up to the snack.

She seems… suddenly paralysed. And I didn’t know just how sad that would make me. I didn’t know that would make me cry as much as it did.

There is a certain sort of helplessness with dogs, because they cannot articulate for you to find the cause of their illness, if there is such a cause, and vets are simply not as specialised where I currently reside.

At 6, we took her to our usual vet. As soon as we could possibly wake her up. She put her on a steroid and vitamin supplements, and waited until 9, for progress.

At 9, she got a different prescription and a referral. But the surgeon only comes in at 6 pm. We’re waiting and I’ve read up on this¬†and this¬†and that.

We are trusting.

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